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Strike Vote!

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Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year

#REDforED Campaign Update - Wear RED Thursday

Hello 330 Members,
We want to thank you for staying connected and checking and responding to our emails over the past few weeks. We had an overwhelming response for the #RedforEd t-shirts. We are happy to confirm that Tshirts were delivered to all worksites last Thursday and Friday. If you did not order one and would like to order one, please contact 
Beginning this Thursday, May 9th we are encouraging everyone to wear your #RedforEd shirt. Joining ETFO and OSSTF colleagues in wearing Red shirts on Thursday's. This has been changed by our groups in response to concerns about Friday's being wear Red for our military members. 
We would love to see the solidarity in your workplaces by receiving group pictures in your red shirts. Please take photos and send to or text to 7057308707 for us to post on our Facebook and Twitter
#Sharing that Education Cuts Hurt
We also want to thank you for the overwhelming response to the Support Staff Appreciation Dinner on May 13th. The response was so overwhelming that we very quickly reached capacity on the reservations. Unfortunately our registration tool did not provide an automatic confirmation response, therefore we will be sending out an email by the end of the week to confirm your reservation for the dinner. 
#OPSEUEducationStrong #ONTStudentsMatter
In Solidarity,
Kelly Martin

#REDforED Campaign Kickoff

We're excited to announce the first part of OPSEU 330's response to the #RedforEd and the Education Cuts campaign. Beginning tomorrow, your local executive stewards will begin delivering buttons and stickers to your worksites. 
We are also working on finalizing the design of our #RedforEd T-shirts, and once we do another message with an ordering link will be sent out. Hoping by end of day tomorrow. 
This is just the beginning of how OPSEU will be supporting its education workers as part of the resistance to Ford's cutbacks!
#OPSEUEducationStrong #ONTStudentsMatter


RALLY for Education and “#REDforED”

Hello Everyone,                                        


Hello OPSEU 330 Members,

Tomorrow Wear RED for ED! 

We are encouraging members to wear red every Friday to show solidarity in the Provincial wide #RedforEd Campaign supporting Education Workers in Ontario!  We are working on T-shirts for our members to support the Campaign. Details to follow. 
Next Weekend - Saturday, April 6th, there is an Education Worker Rally are at Queen's Park, to show Ford exactly how many students, parents and Education Worker's are opposed to the cuts. We have been working with various education partners to provide bus transportation to and from Toronto. This is a rally for all and registration will be done using the link below. To sign up, please use the link below and feel free to bring friends, family members, neighbours, etc. The more the merrier!! I look forward to seeing you all at Queen’s Park.

***Please use the following bus registration form to reserve a seat(s) on a bus for the RALLY For Education on April 6th at Noon at Queen’s Park, Toronto:   Link.   ***

Midland                              9:00a.m:                        St. Theresa's Catholic High School 347 Galloway Blvd .
Wasaga Beach                    9:30a.m:                         Rec Plex 1724 Mosley Street
Orillia                                  9:30a.m:                        Patrick Fogarty Catholic High School 11 Commerce Rd
Barrie                                 10:00a.m:                       SCETF Office 351 King St, Barrie
Highway 88/400 Car Park   10:30a.m

Stay tuned tomorrow for further updates on how Local 330, Sector 3 - Boards of Education and Cultural Institutions, and OPSEU will be mobilizing to fight these cuts.  #ONSTUDENTSMATTER

IMPORTANT Reminders for March

Hello, OPSEU 330 Members,

For those that were off for March break, and those that may have had a quieter week while working over March Break, I you had a chance to relax and recharge!

This is reminder of a few IMPORTANT things going on in our Local.

General Membership Meeting (for all permanent and supply OPSEU Members) is this Tuesday, March 19th, at Ferndale Banquet Hall, Barrie. Registration opens at 4:45 and meeting will be called to order at 6:00pm. Hot and cold appetizers and refreshments will be served, as well as a cash bar. Information and agenda for the meeting can be found on the linked Flyer.

TOMORROW WEAR BLACK - Monday, March 18th, Education Worker’s in Ontario are encouraged to WEAR BLACK to show our united Protest to Ford’s devastating cuts to our schools and education! Please wear black to show our solidarity within SCDSB! If groups pictures are taken please send to so we can share on our Local and Sector Facebook Page.

“Come From Away” Road Trip

There are only a few spots left to be reserved for our trip to “Come From Away!”

Please see the flyer for information and to reserve your spot!

Preparation for Upcoming Negotiations Year

To begin preparing for the upcoming round of negotiations, as our Central and Local Agreements end August 31st of 2019, the Executive of Sector 3 - Boards of Education and Cultural Institutions have created a demand set survey. This will provide us with an understanding of issues from most to least importance so we can assure we are bargaining for you! We need you to complete the Demand Set Survey by Wednesday March 20th, 2019. A time and opportunity for you to have input! To access the Survey Click Here.

The Local and the Provincial Sector Executive are following and will continue follow the recent developments from the announcements by the Minister of Education regarding the Ontario Autism Program and the changes, cuts and impacts to the Education Sector in Ontario! Some of the recent attacks from the Ford Government have been, the Curriculum, Class Sizes and Funding Sources to name a few. How this will affect the Board’s budget remains to be seen. Rest assured that we will be engaged and actively participating in fighting for our fair treatment and a fair contract.

Hope to see you Tuesday!

Kind regards,

Kelly Martin

President and Sector 3 Chair

General Membership Meeting - March 19th 2019



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