Health and Safety Resources

Health and Safety is the responsibility of every worker in the workplace in Ontario. This means that there are certain duties you must undertake to help keep your workplace and yourself and your co-workers safe.

If you  have any Health and Safety Concerns about your workplace you have a duty to report them. Use this form from the board, submit to your Principal, Keep a copy for your records.
Health and Safety Concerns (Link)

Violent Incidence Report Form

An unfortunate and part of our workload is to be faced with an increase in the number of incidents and level of violence in our workplace. It is important that you fill out the SCDSB's Violent Incidence Report Form every time there is violence against a worker in a workplace.

This link should take you directly to the form to report violent incidences in the board database. It may ask you to login to the Board website, using your username and password.

Violent Incident Reporting


The Safe Schools Incident Reporting Form

 This reporting form is required by the Ministry of Education for serious student incidents against other people in the school community.  The reporting procedures for this form are set out in Ministry policy documents PPM 144 – Bullying Prevention and Intervention; and PPM 145 – Progressive Discipline and Promoting Positive Student Behaviours.

Accident/Illness/Injury Reporting Form (Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) Form 6)

If you are injured on the job It is important that you report it as soon as possible. Even the most apparently benign incident can cause long term health effects. Do what is neccessary immediately, get First Aid, treat any wounds. Call the Office if you have any questions about when to complete WSIB's Form 6/eForm 6  (links)



Red emergency folders are now expected to be in every classroom. They are to contain specific and pertinent emergency information related to the school. They should be located near the doorway in each classroom/ work area to ensure the information package is readily available. If this folder is not in a classroom you are working in please contact the office at 705-739-7232 or



Ministry of Labour Orders and Field Visit Reports

We will endeavour to list all of the Ministry Of Labour Orders and Field Visit Reports in response to calls to the Ministry of Labour for perceived egregious violations of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.