Bill 115 Remedy and Central Benefit Trust Updates.

Bill 115 Remedy Update 

The Ministry has proceeded with the Transfer Payments to the school boards. OPSEU and the Board are confirming the list of payees with the expectation to have the monies paid by the end of February. As soon as I have received confirmation of payment details I will send an update.  

Bill 115 Remedy is for members of OPSEU who worked for the Simcoe County District School Board in the school years, 2012-2013 and 2013-2014. Please ensure OPSEU and the School Board have your current and up to date information, i.e. mailing address, name changes. If you are a current employee, you are required to update this information with HR at the board when this information changes.   If you are a retired employee please contact OPSEU 330. If you have any questions please contact the office at 705-739-7232 or by email at  

Benefit Trust  

The next Central Benefit Trust meeting is scheduled for February 14th and an update will be provided following the meeting. As of last week, I, (Kelly), am now representing OPSEU and OCEW on the Central Benefit Trust Committee and will attend the next meeting.  


I understand your continued frustration with how slow things have gone, in moving both Agreements to fruition, considering the financial impact both will have. No one would be happier to have these items in place and resolved to their entirety than me.  As both agreements are progressing forward, there aren't changes and updates as often as we would like and please trust that when I have information to share I will and if I am not sharing, I am waiting for an update. Once there is information to share as always, it will be posted on the Website, our Facebook page and Twitter, and an email will be sent to our membership email list. 



Kelly Martin