Benefit Trust Update

Benefit Trust Update – for all those “currently” enrolled in benefits

I received the following update from our OPSEU Negotiator. At this time a release will not be sent out from OCEW, and therefore was told that I can share the email.

“I want to let you know that there are some legal issues that are delaying the OCEW enrollment process. As a result, eligible members have not yet received the welcome kit/package from the Ontario Teachers Insurance Plan (OTIP), and in some cases, some Locals may have had your school boards tell you that the June 1st rollout date is not confirmed.

June 1st still remains the target date for the benefit transition and OCEW is working on resolving these issues as soon as possible. Once these issues are resolved members will be provided with instructions on the enrollment process.

I will continue to update all of you with any new information.”

As I receive information from the Employer or OPSEU Staff, an update will be provided. If you have any questions, or if concerns come up regarding your current benefits please email me at  

Kelly Martin