RALLY for Education and “#REDforED”

Hello Everyone,                                        

Thank you to everyone who wore “#REDforED” last Friday in protest of Ford's Cuts to Education.  Our sincere apologies for the lateness of Thursday's message. Jason and I were in Toronto at the School Board Bargaining Conference, as well as trying to sort out with the other groups in Simcoe County what day we would be doing the “REDforED”. Part of the conference was electing two delegates to represent OPSEU Sector 3 at the Ontario Council of Education Workers (OCEW) Table for Central Bargaining. I am happy to announce, that Jason Barker and I were the elected delegates and will be bargaining hard to get a good deal for our local and sector members!


Thank you to everyone who brought forward concerns about the changes to “#RedforEd” by Simcoe County Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario (SCETFO). They made the decision to hold their “#REDForED” day on Thursday’s, in response to concerns with the existing campaign to wear Red on Friday’s to support our Military folks. The Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation(OSSTF D17) in Simcoe County are going to continue with Friday’sat this point.  OPSEU 330, has decided to support both “REDforED” and Military Friday’s, therefore we’re encouraging  members to either wear RED on both days, or to wear RED on Thursday’s if in the Elementary panel and on Friday’s if in the Secondary panel.


Several of our Local Unions and Federations within Simcoe County, including us, (OPSEU) have joined together to provide buses and snacks to travel to the Rally for Education at Queen's Park this Saturday April 6th. 

Midland                              9:00a.m:                        St. Theresa's Catholic High School 347 Galloway Blvd .
Wasaga Beach                    9:30a.m:                         Rec Plex 1724 Mosley Street
Orillia                                  9:30a.m:                        Patrick Fogarty Catholic High School 11 Commerce Rd
Barrie                                 10:00a.m:                       SCETF Office 351 King St, Barrie
Highway 88/400 Car Park   10:30a.m

We are encouraging our members to sign up and join us on the buses to Rally outside  at Queen’s Park. You can reserve your spot on one of the many buses leaving from Simcoe County by clicking on this (link) and completing the form.  Registration closes on Thursday April 4th. If you need to register after that date, contact Kelly at opseu330@bellnet.ca or by calling the office.

There are many changes coming down the pipe from the Ford Government, and now is the time to get involved to stop the increasing amount of cuts to Education,  and Health Care. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more information. 


OPSEU and our Local/Sector are in the process of getting stickers, and Red shirts for “REDforED”, as well as OPSEU Education Strong buttons. As cuts and news continues to be announced by the FORD Government we will continue to provide information, swag etc to stay aligned with our fellow unions/federations, as I promised! I have been working on budget approvals, campaign designs, and items for members to support Education Cuts campaign, since last Monday.


Thank you for your continued support,

Kelly Martin