OMERS Individual Meetings

OPSEU 330 and OMERS is giving you a chance to meet with an OMERS representative one on one at the office on November 16th.

This is a great opportunity to find out more about how your pension is structured and what it will look like when you retire, whether you're close to retirement or just newly employed with the Board!

More information is on the flyer, including how to register!



Statutory Holiday Entitlement for Permanent Part-time Members

21.02  Statutory Holidays for Permanent Part-time OPSEU Employees

Educational Assistant Unit Meeting

OPSEU Local 330 will be hosting a unit meeting for Educational Assistants on Tuesday October 22nd 2013, at the Saunders Road Office.
Interested EA's are asked to RSVP no later than October 18th. More info can be found on the flyer.

This is an open session,please forward questions or concerns to the Office no later than October 18th.

2013 Bursary Applications

OPSEU 330 offers a bursary to assist members and their children continue in post-secondary education.

Please fill out and submit this form to the Local 330 Office by fax e-mail or through the board courier. 
The form needs to be received by November 8th 2013.


Demutualization Information

Justice Lederer has made his ruling and information about the demutualization process payout has been released. Here is a PDF of the Ruling, and here is a release from OPSEU about the demutualization proceeds.

VLAP DAYS :Question & Answer

How many VLAP days can I use?

You can apply for up to 5 occurrences. If you are a full time employee one day is one occurrence, if you request a half day that is still one occurrence. For less than full time the same rule applies. One occurrence is one absence on a working day.

Can I request more than 5 days?

Clerical Staff Unit Meeting

Office/Clerical Staff are invited to attend a unit meeting October 8th at the OPSEU Offices on Saunders Road.

Bring any topics you feel are a concern to you, a light meal will be provided (Please RSVP by the 7th)

More information available on the flyer.


OMERS Meeting Fall 2013

On October 30th Representatives of OMERS Pension will be at the Union Office to discuss the OMERS pension process. This meeting is not just for those close to retirement but also has information for younger employees who want to maximize their pension!


Click on the Flyer for more information


Applying for VLAP Days


To:   All Members of OPSEU Employed by SCDSB

From:  Human Resource Services


The Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of Ontario and the Ontario Public Service Employees Union provides for a Voluntary Unpaid Leave of Absence Program for all TBU members effective June 27, 2013. 

The parameters of the VLAP are as follows:

Unpaid Days

OPSEU 330 members will have NO unpaid days this school year. December 20th is a paid working day. Members do have the opportunity to access 5 UNPAID days this school year by request to HR. I will be developing a Q&A on this topic over the next few days.There are improvements to the maternity leave entitlement and sick days will be prorated for members who are in longer term temp positions. I will do my best to disseminate this information to members as quickly as possible over the next week.


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