OMERS Meeting Fall 2013

On October 30th Representatives of OMERS Pension will be at the Union Office to discuss the OMERS pension process. This meeting is not just for those close to retirement but also has information for younger employees who want to maximize their pension!


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Applying for VLAP Days


To:   All Members of OPSEU Employed by SCDSB

From:  Human Resource Services


The Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of Ontario and the Ontario Public Service Employees Union provides for a Voluntary Unpaid Leave of Absence Program for all TBU members effective June 27, 2013. 

The parameters of the VLAP are as follows:

Unpaid Days

OPSEU 330 members will have NO unpaid days this school year. December 20th is a paid working day. Members do have the opportunity to access 5 UNPAID days this school year by request to HR. I will be developing a Q&A on this topic over the next few days.There are improvements to the maternity leave entitlement and sick days will be prorated for members who are in longer term temp positions. I will do my best to disseminate this information to members as quickly as possible over the next week.

Demutualization Funds

The application for approval to distribute the proceeds of the Demutualization Fund is before the courts today. Upon approval, OPSEU will send communication out to those members who are entitled to a share of the proceeds. Stay tuned-the end maybe in sight!


Aggressive Incident Reporting: New Process

There is now an online process for reporting aggressive incidents. On the staff website go to: Board, Manuals & Directories, Health & Safety Procedures Manual,Section 08. In the drop down box on the left side of the screen click Aggressive Incidents and the forms will be visible for clicking on and completing. The form will automatically have your name attached to the document. Click on Add New Incident on the upper right of the first box to complete the form.

Newsletter - Fall 2013

Here is the latest edition of Schoolwork, the newsletter of OPSEU 330.

Welcoming New Members

Today OPSEU 330 welcomed 20 new members into our family, representing IT/Office/Clerical staff and educational assistants. Thank you to you all for signing cards and bringing your skills and support to our Local. We look forward to seeing you at our November General Meeting. Info will be out end of October. Have a great weekend everyone!

P.D. Day

PD Day Reminder:

OPSEU members will be at work on October 11th. It is a paid working day. EAs will be taking part in professional development sessions, Office/clerical/IT staff will be at their own worksites unless otherwise advised.

At this time there is no confirmation that OPSEU members will be have the option to request 5 unpaid leave days. There should be information by the end of September regarding this. The Ministry of Education has to officially notify the Board of Education of this intent.

Limited Open Enrollment Period for Benefit Plan

Plans are underway to provide a limited opportunity for members who enrolled in benefits prior to 2006 to permanently determine benefit level requirement, and for part time members to enroll in the benefit plan. Letters will be sent out to those members who are eligible for this opportunity.This will be a one time opportunity to ensure stability in our plan. Watch for more information.

Newsletter: on it's way!

The Fall 2013 edition of SchoolWork will be sent out to contacts this weekend and print copies to schools next week. Have a great weekend!


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