OPSEU 330 Hosting OMERS Pension Session

OMERS "ONE on ONE" - Understanding Your Pension
Saturday May 12th, 2018
Local 330 is offering an opportunity for members to meet "One on One” with a representative from  the Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System (OMERS), to discuss your pension!  If you're thinking of retiring, or are interested in understanding your pension, see the attached flyer for more details and book your session. These sessions are great for those members getting ready to use their pensions, as well as members just starting out and what that pension really means!
The “One to One” Sessions are being held on Saturday May 12th, 2018 at our local office, at 80 Bradford St, Suite 104, Barrie, ON.

Please Scan and Email the completed flyer to opseu330@bellnet.ca to reserve your place!


EI Code March Break 2018

For those needing the code to file for Employment Insurance over the March Break, here is the EI Code document. The applicable codes can also be found on the Staff Website in the Payroll Portal.

If you have any questions please contact Kelly at 705-739-7232 or by email at opseu330@bellnet.ca
Happy Holidays! Enjoy your break!


Bill 115 Remedy Payment Update!

I am happy to share good news!

The Ministry has confirmed the recalculated payment amounts and the school board has advised that qualifying Permanent Employees will receive payment on the March 23rd pay and that qualifying supply/temporary employees will receive payment on the March 30th pay. The payments are now; $611.93 for 1 year and $1223.86 for 2 years. There will be a separate line on your pay stub to indicate the amount paid. The monies received will not be taxed or have deductions, but will appear on a regular pay.

If you are retired or no longer an employee for the SCDSB, the payment will be sent to the banking information that the board has on file and if payment is sent back to the employer a cheque will be mailed out.

You must have worked in the 2012-2013 and/or the 2013-2014 school years to qualify for the Remedy Payment.

Kelly Martin



OCEW Benefit Plan Press Release = March 7th 2018

Please see the attached Benefit Trust update from the Ontario Council of Education Workers (OCEW).
Press Release here.

OCEW Benefit Plan Press Release

Please find attached an important Press Release from the Ontario Council of Education Workers (OCEW). The update provides details of first steps in the changeover of our current employer and self-funded benefit plan to the new OCEW Benefits Trust through the Ontario Teachers Insurance Plan (OTIP). There will be more information released in the coming weeks about the plan and how to access the plan website and details. Please share this widely with your OPSEU colleagues and have them sign up to our mailing lists to stay on top of the latest information about the plan!
Kelly Martin


Bill 115 Settlement Communique

Please read the following communique from OPSEU regarding the status of the Bill 115 settlement payment. While I am extremely disappointed by the news of a further delay, I am pleased that the cause of the delay is a recalculation of eligible members resulting in an increase in monies for those eligible for the damages award. This settlement only includes those that worked in the 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 school years for the SCDSB in an OPSEU position..

Any further questions regarding the settlement can be directed to our Staff Negotiator, Anastasios Zafiriadis, at azafiriadis@opseu.org.

We will communicate when we have more information about the date and final totals.



Violence in the Workplace News Coverage

On tonight's CTV Barrie newscast, CTV Barrie made a report on the increasing levels of violence in classrooms/our workplaces. Our president, Kelly Martin is one of the people interviewed.  https://barrie.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=1310411
Violence in the Workplace continues to be a topic that your local is dedicated to addressing with the Board, and the provincial Ministries of Education and Labour.

Bill 115 Remedy and Central Benefit Trust Updates.

Bill 115 Remedy Update 

The Ministry has proceeded with the Transfer Payments to the school boards. OPSEU and the Board are confirming the list of payees with the expectation to have the monies paid by the end of February. As soon as I have received confirmation of payment details I will send an update.  

Bill 115 Remedy is for members of OPSEU who worked for the Simcoe County District School Board in the school years, 2012-2013 and 2013-2014. Please ensure OPSEU and the School Board have your current and up to date information, i.e. mailing address, name changes. If you are a current employee, you are required to update this information with HR at the board when this information changes.   If you are a retired employee please contact OPSEU 330. If you have any questions please contact the office at 705-739-7232 or by email at opseu330@bellnet.ca.  

Benefit Trust  

The next Central Benefit Trust meeting is scheduled for February 14th and an update will be provided following the meeting. As of last week, I, (Kelly), am now representing OPSEU and OCEW on the Central Benefit Trust Committee and will attend the next meeting.  


I understand your continued frustration with how slow things have gone, in moving both Agreements to fruition, considering the financial impact both will have. No one would be happier to have these items in place and resolved to their entirety than me.  As both agreements are progressing forward, there aren't changes and updates as often as we would like and please trust that when I have information to share I will and if I am not sharing, I am waiting for an update. Once there is information to share as always, it will be posted on the opseu330.com Website, our Facebook page and Twitter, and an email will be sent to our membership email list. 



Kelly Martin 

Two Recent Press Releases from OPSEU and OCEW

Many of you may have received an email blast directed at the members of OPSEU's Sector 3 - Boards of Education and Cultural Institutions, if OPSEU Communications has ever received your email address. For the benefit of the members who are not on OPSEU corporate email lists, we have added the press release here. It details the important first step in negotiations on our path to our new benefit plan. We will have more detailed information as the negotiation process continues, but this step needed to happen before the rest of the process can continue.

For the past few years at the OPSEU Convention, OPSEU has been attempting to showcase the talents of the members of the union across the province. This year, they have added the chance to win even more money on your journey to union Stardom! If you can sing, dance, tell jokes, or have other entertaining talents, you can enter for a chance to win up to $1500 bucks in the Region, and a chance to win more at the Convention. If you're interested, click on the link for more information!


Expect a more indepth update very soon.


OECU Stocking Stuffer Offer

OPSEU Local 330 has been working with the Ontario Educational Credit Union (OECU) for many years, by them providing our banking services, supporting our local by sponsoring ads in our communications as well as, offering special rates for our members for personal loans. OECU has provided the following offer to our members.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact OECU directly.



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