Local 330 Update

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Fall 2012 Newsletter



ADJUDICATE : Make a formal judgment or decision about a problem or disputed matter

First Day of School

First day of school arrived and what exactly our new contract will contain is the question on everyone’s lips. It has been a troubling few weeks. It seems that it will mirror the OECTA agreement(Catholic Teachers). Debate was closed on Bill 115 Aug 30th and has now been sent to Committee. There will be hearings this week and it has been stated that it will come back to the Legislature on Sept 10 and voted on at that time.

Summer 2012 UPDATE

Many of you will have already received Silvanna Petersen's letter regarding her new career working for the Ontario Nurse's Association (ONA) as a Labour Relations Officer. I know that I speak for the membership of OPSEU 330 when I say how much we will miss her, and wish her well in her new role. She was very touched by the many good wishes that were sent to her which spoke to how much she was valued as a leader for our Local. Over the years we have worked closely together and forged a strong friendship based on the common interest of uniting a once divided Local.


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