Save the Date - Special GMM - March 7th

As announced at Monday's General Membership Meeting we will be having a 'Special' General Membership Meeting with OPSEU President Warren "Smokey" Thomas as a special guest on March 7th. We are finalizing the details for location, but a flyer will follow this announcement.

This meeting is one of the outcomes of Kelly, our President's work late last year, as detailed in our update here.
This is your chance to come and ask the President of the Union any questions you may have!

More details to follow!

Reminder - General Membership Meeting

General Membership Meeting and Ratification Vote is STILL A GO TONIGHT!
Please be advised that after much consideration and watching all local area weather updates, we have decided that to go ahead as planned.

Drive safe and hope to see you all tonight.


Reminder - General Membership Meeting

Reminder - General Membership Meeting

Reminder- General Membership Meeting, February 13th at Eastview Secondary School.
Attached is the flyer with the Agenda and details of the meeting. Please post on the OPSEU board at your worksite and share the information with fellow members.

Reminder - General Membership Meeting

Our sincere apologies for the delay in receiving the General Membership Meeting Flyer. It is drafted and almost ready to go out. We are just waiting on a couple of details regarding the Central teams process at the meeting in order to complete the flyer. Once we have the information and have revised the flyer it will be sent out to our email list, posted on our Website and on Facebook and Twitter.  
We have sent notice and have confirmed that the meeting will be held on the evening of Feb 13th at Eastview Secondary School.

Central Agreement Tentative Extension Deal Reached/General Membership Meeting.

Last night the Ontario Council of Education Workers (OCEW), the body that represents members of OPSEU in the Boards of Education Sector, negotiated a deal to extend our Central Agreement.
The General Membership Meeting/Ratification Vote will be held at Eastview Secondary School in Barrie on February 13th.
The flyer for the meeting will be posted and sent out tomorrow(Thursday).
The press release is attached for those who would like more information.


Save the Date! GMM - February 13th 2017

Save the Date for our Spring General Membership Meeting - February 13th 2017 at Eastview Secondary School. More info to follow about topics of discussion!


Be on the Lookout!

Dear Members of OPSEU Local 330

Be on the lookout in the Board courier for the Thank You note/poster from OPSEU recognizing all Educational Workers within our Education Sector. If you or someone has been missed receiving a note at your work location, can you please contact one of the executive below who sit on the Boards of Education and Cultural Institutions, Sector 3.

Be sure to "Like Us" on Facebook -- OPSEU Boards of Education and Cultural Institutions - Sector 3.

In Solidarity,

Donna Caissie, Member-at-Large
Sandra Cadeau, Treasurer
Sandy Barker, Secretary


Benefit Deductions for 2017

Our benefit plan is set up for annual renewal, which means that components of our plan and the amount we pay may change every January. Great West Life looks at its costs and expenses compared to the amount that our members and the employer contribute through our payroll deductions and determine any adjustments that are needed to cover the plan. Unfortunately, the employer’s contributions, as per our Collective Agreement remain the same from year to year. Therefore, our members absorb any additional costs associated with any benefit premium increases. As this Friday is the first payroll period of the 2017 year, if you carry benefits you will notice an increase to your deductions.

Due to an increase in prescription use, an increase in specific medication costs and an increase in the number of members receiving Long Term Disability(LTD) funds, Great-West Life proposed a significant increase to our benefit plan. Thanks to the efforts of Diana, our benefits broker associate and through her knowledge and deal-making skills, the increase costs were negotiated down to 10.4% for 2017.

In light of the time it has taken to find out information regarding the Benefit Trust and due to the delay in implementation, the Benefit Committee and I have decided to advise our benefit broker to take our plan to market to see if there are more advantageous savings with other insurance companies. We will keep you posted as to our findings and any changes that may take place from either the Central Benefit Trust, or going to market.

We have attached the 2017 Benefit Chart which details the breakdown of increases for each Benefit category. It outlines if it is taken as a single person, or for a family.
Please also note that 10 month employees will have additional deductions in order to cover the costs for benefits for July and August.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email the office at or 705-739-7232

Kelly Martin


Welcome to 2017!

Hello Local 330 Members,

Where does the time go? I started drafting this email in 2016, and before I knew it, it was
2017! Unfortunately, I have been down and out with the horrible cold virus that is going around
since Christmas day. I want to wish each and every one of you, a fabulous 2017. I hope you
were able to put your feet up and enjoy the break. On behalf of Local 330’s Executive, I would
like to thank all of you for your support and patience over the past two years.

My apologies for the length of this update, but in order to present some understanding of all
aspects of current discussions, it needed to be detailed. Please read the entire email, as it
provides information and updates on important, outstanding issues for local 330. For those of
you who were in attendance at October’s General Membership meeting, some of the
information/update included, is information that was shared during the meeting. It’s important
to attend General Membership meetings as they are our way of sharing information in person
and provide an opportunity for members to ask questions and share comments on local issues
and concerns.


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