Educational Assistant Last Day of Work 2016

Educational assistants please note your last day of paid work is June 30th. You will not be paid for Canada Day July 1st, therefore you may start an EI claim after work on June 30th. Please note your last pay day is also June 30th as a result of the holiday landing on Friday.
The Reference Code for EI Applications for June 2016 school-related intake:

Early/Reduced Gratuity Payment Reminder

All OPSEU Permanent Staff should have received an email from Payroll on their Board email about the opportunity to take a reduced gratuity payout this year, if eligible, as part of the central provisions of our collective agreement. The complete email has been reproduced below as a reminder. For an explanation about the difference between the Sick Leave Gratuity and Frozen Sick Time, please see our previous post here.

Good morning,

Reminder - Region 3 Picnic - Bass Lake Provincial Park, This Saturday

Just a reminder to everyone that OPSEU Region 3 is hosting a Family Picnic this Saturday at Bass Lake Provincial Park, just outside of Orillia. Everyone is invited to attend after RSVP-ing to Sean Platt, Region 3 Executive Board Member at More information can be found on the flyer

Ontario Health Coalition Vote May 28th - Across the Province

Many of you are aware of the effects of the cuts on the Provincial Health Care system by the Provincial and Federal Governments. This is being felt in our region by the potential closure of services at Georgian Bay General Hospital in Midland, closure of beds and the layoff of staff at Orillia Soldiers Memorial Hospital, as well as the trend of cutting funding for front line services at Royal Victoria Hospital in Barrie.  A volunteer organization, The Ontario Health Coalition (link), has organized a Provincial Referendum to protest these cuts. 
We hope that many of you will take the time to vote in this important referendum tomorrow, showing support for stopping the cuts and increasing front-line funding in the health care system. 
There will be voting stations set up in various communities across Simcoe County on May 28th (link). You can also vote via email by following the instructions on this page (E-Mail Vote).
Results will be announced on Monday May 30th.

Enjoy the weekend!


Permanent OPSEU Employees received an email today in their board email from Payroll regarding “Sick Leave Credit – Retirement Gratuities . The email outlined details on the provisions and how to access the “one-time” option for an early gratuity payout, as per the 2016 Central Agreement.  

“Sick Leave Gratuity” is only for OPSEU Employees that were employed by the SCDSB, prior to October 6, 1998 (Refer to Article 17 (specifically 17.10) of the 2008 to 2012 Collective Agreement-this can be found on the OPSEU 330 Website ). 

"Frozen Sick Time" was imposed on ALL Education workers in the 2012 Contract, otherwise known as Bill 115. This was not an issue that the local bargaining was able to address during this round of bargaining. The Education Unions/Federations, ETFO, OSSTF, CUPE, OPSEU and others, launched a challenge under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms to the Province's imposed contract, Bill 115 in 2013. The Charter Challenge was recently heard in court and the Judge has ruled in the Unions/Federations favour, saying that the Province 'substantially interfered in the Collective Bargaining process'. The Judge instructed the Unions/Federations and the Province to negotiate what sort of settlement will be put in place. 

At this time we have not received any additional information or an update as to where negotiations are between the parties. An update has been requested from OPSEU, by our Local President and once we receive any information from OPSEU on this matter we will share the information with you. Hopefully we get it before the media does. 

If you have questions or concerns please email the office at

OPSEU Region 3 Picnic - June 11th, Bass Lake Provincial Park

Every year a Region 3 hosts a picnic for all members, rotating it around the region year to year. This year the Orillia office is hosting the picnic at Bass Lake Provincial Park. Everyone is encouraged to attend. More information can be found on the flyer here. If you are interested, there are volunteer positions available.

OMERS: Understanding your Pension

OPSEU 330 is once again hosting an opportunity for members to meet with.a representative from OMERS to discuss your pension If you're thinking of retiring, or want to find out what your pension can do fro you, take a look at the flyer for more information and book a spot. The event will be May 7th, at a location to be announced.

Retro Payment for Grid Movement, Lump sum payment info

As some of you may have noticed today on your pay-stubs that one of the initial provisions of the Central Agreement have been applied for members who had been on a delayed grid progression due to the previous contract. On this pay period, those members who would have advanced on the pay grid should have received their retro pay from September 2015 onwards. If you have any questions about this calculation, please contact Joanne Gemus or Judy Grant in payroll at the board office for clarification.
In addition to the retro payment, the employer has informed us that all members will be receiving their  1% Lump Sum payment (as a result of the central agreement)  on their April 8th pay. 
Enjoy your Easter Weekend!

EI Code - March Break Filing

For those needing the code to file for Employment Insurance over the March Break, here is the EI Code document. The applicable codes can also be found on the Staff Website in the Payrool Portal.
If you have any questions please contact the office at 705-739-7232 or by email at

Enjoy your March Break when we get there Friday!



On behalf of the Local Bargaining team and Local 330, we would like to thank you for your continued support over the past several months of bargaining and for all of those who were able to make it tonight, to vote, despite the unpredictable weather conditions.

Kelly Martin


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