#REDforED Campaign Kickoff

We're excited to announce the first part of OPSEU 330's response to the #RedforEd and the Education Cuts campaign. Beginning tomorrow, your local executive stewards will begin delivering buttons and stickers to your worksites. 
We are also working on finalizing the design of our #RedforEd T-shirts, and once we do another message with an ordering link will be sent out. Hoping by end of day tomorrow. 
This is just the beginning of how OPSEU will be supporting its education workers as part of the resistance to Ford's cutbacks!
#OPSEUEducationStrong #ONTStudentsMatter


RALLY for Education and “#REDforED”

Hello Everyone,                                        


Hello OPSEU 330 Members,

Tomorrow Wear RED for ED! 

We are encouraging members to wear red every Friday to show solidarity in the Provincial wide #RedforEd Campaign supporting Education Workers in Ontario!  We are working on T-shirts for our members to support the Campaign. Details to follow. 
Next Weekend - Saturday, April 6th, there is an Education Worker Rally are at Queen's Park, to show Ford exactly how many students, parents and Education Worker's are opposed to the cuts. We have been working with various education partners to provide bus transportation to and from Toronto. This is a rally for all and registration will be done using the link below. To sign up, please use the link below and feel free to bring friends, family members, neighbours, etc. The more the merrier!! I look forward to seeing you all at Queen’s Park.

***Please use the following bus registration form to reserve a seat(s) on a bus for the RALLY For Education on April 6th at Noon at Queen’s Park, Toronto:   Link.   ***

Midland                              9:00a.m:                        St. Theresa's Catholic High School 347 Galloway Blvd .
Wasaga Beach                    9:30a.m:                         Rec Plex 1724 Mosley Street
Orillia                                  9:30a.m:                        Patrick Fogarty Catholic High School 11 Commerce Rd
Barrie                                 10:00a.m:                       SCETF Office 351 King St, Barrie
Highway 88/400 Car Park   10:30a.m

Stay tuned tomorrow for further updates on how Local 330, Sector 3 - Boards of Education and Cultural Institutions, and OPSEU will be mobilizing to fight these cuts.  #ONSTUDENTSMATTER
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