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IMPORTANT Reminders for March

Hello, OPSEU 330 Members,

For those that were off for March break, and those that may have had a quieter week while working over March Break, I you had a chance to relax and recharge!

This is reminder of a few IMPORTANT things going on in our Local.

General Membership Meeting (for all permanent and supply OPSEU Members) is this Tuesday, March 19th, at Ferndale Banquet Hall, Barrie. Registration opens at 4:45 and meeting will be called to order at 6:00pm. Hot and cold appetizers and refreshments will be served, as well as a cash bar. Information and agenda for the meeting can be found on the linked Flyer.

TOMORROW WEAR BLACK - Monday, March 18th, Education Worker’s in Ontario are encouraged to WEAR BLACK to show our united Protest to Ford’s devastating cuts to our schools and education! Please wear black to show our solidarity within SCDSB! If groups pictures are taken please send to so we can share on our Local and Sector Facebook Page.

“Come From Away” Road Trip

There are only a few spots left to be reserved for our trip to “Come From Away!”

Please see the flyer for information and to reserve your spot!

Preparation for Upcoming Negotiations Year

To begin preparing for the upcoming round of negotiations, as our Central and Local Agreements end August 31st of 2019, the Executive of Sector 3 - Boards of Education and Cultural Institutions have created a demand set survey. This will provide us with an understanding of issues from most to least importance so we can assure we are bargaining for you! We need you to complete the Demand Set Survey by Wednesday March 20th, 2019. A time and opportunity for you to have input! To access the Survey Click Here.

The Local and the Provincial Sector Executive are following and will continue follow the recent developments from the announcements by the Minister of Education regarding the Ontario Autism Program and the changes, cuts and impacts to the Education Sector in Ontario! Some of the recent attacks from the Ford Government have been, the Curriculum, Class Sizes and Funding Sources to name a few. How this will affect the Board’s budget remains to be seen. Rest assured that we will be engaged and actively participating in fighting for our fair treatment and a fair contract.

Hope to see you Tuesday!

Kind regards,

Kelly Martin

President and Sector 3 Chair

General Membership Meeting - March 19th 2019


Happy New Year - President's Message

Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best in 2019!
Before I knew it holiday season was over, and it is a new year and with a blink of an eye January was over and February is here. Between the high and lows of the temperature and the amount of snow some areas have received, the winter landscapes look pretty, but sure make outside duties very grueling!  On February 2nd, most groundhogs predicted an early Spring! Let’s hope that the groundhogs are right.

Inclement Weather
We have had numerous calls, emails, and texts about the email sent out yesterday afternoon by Human Resources Services regarding inclement weather. Please know that we have heard your concerns about its tone, feelings of intimidation and its apparent new expectations. The Union will be addressing this over the coming days. However, with the looming Winter Storm Warning and many hours of snow, ice pellets, and potential freezing rain in the forecast we wanted to send you some information.

The Collective Agreement does not list any conditions on the use of inclement weather, including whether visibility is reduced, or road closures are in effect. We do not believe these are the only two situations that warrant the use of Code 13. You need to be safe. You need to monitor the weather and use your personal judgment if you can get to your worksite safely.

If you need to use an inclement weather day, please be assured that the Union will continue to defend a member's justifiable use of the inclement weather code, if questioned by your Supervisor.

It is recommended that individuals who are unable to safely make it to their work site for the start of your work day, to notify your Principal/Supervisor, before the start of your work day. If conditions do not allow you to make it to your work location within three (3) hours, the individual should advise their principal and input a Code 13.  Please note, it is not recommended to call a Code 13 early in the morning as conditions may improve.

We hear you, we promise that. This is an increasingly tense situation and we have initiated a plan to express your concerns to the board. Please do not think that we are taking this lightly and that we are not doing anything about it.

If you are asked by your Principal or Supervisor to attend a meeting regarding the use of your absence codes. It is important to know that it is your right to have a union representative present when being investigated. We encourage you to contact the office to ensure you have representation and guidance. Call the Office at 705-739-7232.  

Payroll Updates
You may have noticed an increased deduction to your Long-Term Disability in January. With the assistance of our Broker and her negotiation skills she was able to negotiate a lower increase then Great West Life proposed. Due to the increased number of claims we are seeing she was unable to negotiate status quo this y

    2018 2019    
Long Term Disability (%)   2.245 2.425 8.0% increase  
Board   1.082 1.082   (0.00)
Employee   1.163 1.163   (0,18)
1. The employee portion of benefit costs is based on a 1.0 FTE          
2. 10 month employees pay an additional portion for benefits on each pay to cover the summer premiums.          









On a more positive note, as negotiated as part of the Contract Extension 2017-2019, we received a 1% pay increase effective February 1st, 2019. Our last increase of the Contract Extension comes on August 31st, 2019. This is also the date that our current agreements expire.  

Central Negotiations
In preparation for the start of negotiations, your Sector 3 - Boards of Education and Cultural Institution Executive have begun planning. We are fortunate to have 4 Local 330 Executive on the Sector 3 Executive. The members are; Kelly Martin (Chair), Sandra Cadeau (Treasurer) Jason Barker (Secretary) and Bonnie Eddy (member at large).  We are currently working with OPSEU Negotiations team on the development of the Central Demand-Set survey. Once this has been completed and approved it will be emailed out through OPSEU Provincial Communications Department to all email address on file. We will also post and send out a reminder and the link through the local email list to ensure we reach as many members as we can for input by ranking the Central demands. Following completion of the demand set survey the results will be calculated, presented and discussed with the delegates at our School Board Bargaining Conference in late March. Attendees at this conference are the current Sector Executive and the Local President/designate from each OPSEU Education Local.

Benefit Trust
If you are enrolled in the Benefit Trust plan with OTIP/Manulife you will be or may have already received an email from OTIP advising you that you will be receiving a T4A slip for Income Tax purposes. This slip is to reflect the Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment policy that is included with the plan. In the past this information was included on the employer's T4 slip when they were paying the premiums. Now that OTIP is the plan administrator the issuance of this information comes from them. This year, because of the Benefit Trust commencing in June, this will also be included on the Employer's T4, as well as T4A from OTIP for income tax purposes.

Local News
General Membership Meeting – Save the Date -March 19th, 2019
We will be holding a General Membership Meeting to elect our delegates to the Regional Meeting, and OPSEU's Convention. Elected delegates represent the opinions of the local and vote on our members behalf on the Resolutions and Constitution proposed amendments or changes. Updates will also be discussed on Central Negotiations, Benefit Trust, Pay Equity and Local updates and issues. Based on the success of our previous meetings we will continue the new traditions of social time with music, more prizes throughout the meeting, as well as providing light refreshments and having a cash bar.

I am working on scheduling two dates for OMER’s One on One sessions. Please watch for information on registration once I have confirmed dates. I will also be looking at an evening OMERS and Retirement Benefits workshop.

OPSEU Local 330 Social
We are working on planning an evening social. A bus trip to “Come From Away”.
Please watch for details. Information will be sent out soon.  

Please like and join us on OPSEU 330 Facebook and Twitter

Stay safe,
Kelly Martin



GMM Reminder - Tuesday October 23rd 2018

This a reminder that there is a General Membership Meeting on Tuesday October 23rd.

Doors open for registration and social hour at 4:45 at Ferndale Banquet Hall. Meeting will be called to order at 5:45.

Draw Prizes, Live Music, Cash Bar, Refreshments and Light Snacks will be available as we elect our stewards and executive for the 2019-2020 term.
A revised brochure with the names and short biography of declared candidates is available here.  

Please remind your co-workers to attend!
A union local is like a gym membership. You only build strength by going!

See you Tuesday!






Election Candidate Brochure

Click here to view the Election Brochure for our upcoming General Membership meeting, Oct 23rd (see flyer) where we will be Electing your 2019-2020 Local Executive.

Members who wish to run from the floor for a Steward position may be nominated at the meeting. You need to be elected as a Steward in order to be nominated for an Executive Officer position.

Please assist us in sharing the meeting agenda and candidate brochure with your co-workers and encourage membership attendance.
In solidarity,
Kelly Martin


Less than a Week to go!

 Reminder of our General Membership Meeting, October 23rd, at Ferndale Banquet Hall, Barrie.

Come out and enjoy snacks, refreshments and live music before and after the meeting! Draws for prizes will be done throughout the meeting.

Please see the linked flyer for the agenda for the evening. The meeting will include, Elections for your 2019-2020 Stewards and Local Executive.
The Election Brochure will be emailed out tomorrow of those who have declared themselves as candidates for positions on the Executive.
Members wishing to run for a Steward position and who are not captured in the brochure are will be able to be nominated and run at the meeting.
Please share with your fellow colleagues and OPSEU members by posting on the OPSEU Board at your Worksite!
We have recently changed the way we provide email service, which as hopefully cleared up issue of members not receiving your local email update and communications. If you hear of colleagues not receiving emails please encourage them to reach out to us so we can look into the issue.

Thank you for your continued support for your local executive! Hope to see you all there!

Registration and Social Hour starts at 4:45,

Kelly Martin

Save the Date - General Membership Meeting - October 23rd 2018

SAVE THE DATE – October 23, 2018
General Membership Meeting at Ferndale Banquet Hall, Barrie

The meeting will include, Elections for your 2019-2020, Stewards and Local Executive. Members wishing to run for a Steward position can submit a biography to Kelly Martin at for our Election brochure by Wednesday October 1oth, by 4:00pm.  If you are not captured in the brochure, you are able to be nominated and run for a steward position at the meeting.

The Election Brochure and meeting Agenda will be sent out to our email lists by October 17th, 2018  of those who have declared themselves as candidates for positions on the Executive.

We received a lot of positive feedback from members about the last General Membership meeting, therefore, we have to decided that we will have live music, appetizers, refreshments, prizes and a cash bar throughout the meeting.  

Thank you for your continued support! Hope to see you all there!

Kelly Martin




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